The whole of Canada is known as a beautiful country with peaceful people in it. Canada has a very good worldwide reputation in terms of quality of life and has been ranked alongside the United Kingdom as one of the best places to study in the world. Canada is a country that has lots of beautiful cities that attracts tourists with amazing weather–summer and winter–every year.
Unlike other countries, Canada does not have states; what they have are provinces and territories. Canada has ten (10) provinces and three (3) territories. The three territories of Canada have their responsibility and power delegated directly to them by the federal government.
Canada is a country rich with a beautiful history and culture and also is the largest country in the world after Russia.


Contrary to the fact that Canada is the second-largest country in the world, it is also amongst the not-so-populated countries in the world with over 37 million people as of April 2020. Measures and policies have been put in place to increase the population of the country to meet rising demands which is why Canada allows over one hundred and ninety-five thousand immigrants into the country annually. The 10 provinces of Canada are

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Quebec
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • New Brunswick
  •  Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador


Alberta is located in the western part of Canada, encompassed by mountains, forests, prairies, and even desert badlands. The province is blessed with about six hundred lakes and mineral resources, which is why the phrase “I’m headed to the lake” is used often. Alberta is the 4th most populous province in Canada. The province has over 4 million people living in it with Edmonton as its capital city. There are other interesting places and cities in Alberta apart from Edmonton. Alberta has 19 cities including Calgary with Mayors and councilors that provide governance.
Alberta has over four major tourist attractions; Banff national park of Canada, moraine lake, lake Louise, jasper national park of Canada. Apart from its tourist attraction, Alberta has over thirty-four free campsite for adventurers. Alberta province is a good choice for hikers and skiers because of its mountains.
In terms of education, Alberta has eight universities, eleven colleges and seven private colleges, and two polytechnics of which all grant degrees.


British Columbia is one of the western provinces of Canada with its capital city as Victoria. The province is surrounded by nature as it is located between the Pacific and the Rocky Mountains. The province has an estimated population of over five million people living in it. British Columbia has about fifty-three cities with Vancouver as its largest city with over 63,000 people and Greenwood as its smallest city with 665 people living in it. British Columbia has over 10 major tourist attractions. Whistler hosted the 2010 winter Olympics games. Whistler’s terrain is great for skiing and snowboarding. Whistler village has luxury hotels superstores and amazing restaurants.
Most of the Hollywood movies are shot in Vancouver and Vancouver Island because of its scenery and natural attraction.
British Columbia has thirteen universities and eleven public colleges. With accredited private colleges.


Quebec province is located in the eastern part of Canada. The province has over eight million people with Quebec City as its capital. The language predominantly spoken in Quebec is French and it is also known to be the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. The province is surrounded by hills and over one million lakes. Quebec has over fifteen major wonderful tourist attractions that are best seen than reading and about 227 towns located in Quebec.


The province is located in the eastern part of Canada and it is also the smallest province in Canada. It is a province known for its outstanding natural beauty with red soil, hills, woods, and beaches.
Prince Edward Island has over 12 major tourist sites and has Charlottetown as its capital city.


Ontario is a province located in east-central Canada that shares a border with the united states of America. Ontario is rich in culture and history with over ten top tourist attractions including Ottawa and the Niagara fall. The province has over fourteen million people living in it with Toronto as its capital city.


Saskatchewan province is located in the western part of Canada without a natural border that separates it from the united states of America. As of 2019, the province has over one million citizens living in it with Regina as its capital city.
Saskatchewan has over ten top-rated tourist attractions with over six top-rated universities.


New Brunswick is located in the eastern part of Canada with Fredericton as its capital. The province is officially a bilingual one. Its also among the three maritime provinces in Canada. New Brunswick has about eight cities or municipalities with over fifteen top rated sites for tourists and over fifteen public universities.
Manitoba is located in the eastern part of Canada and shares a border with Ontario. This is a popular location for hikers, bikers, and campers. Manitoba is a beautiful province surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lakes with Winnipeg as its capital city and a population of over one million people. The province has over ten tourist attraction centers including Pinawa and four public universities including the University of Manitoba.


Nova Scotia is a province located in the eastern part of Canada. The province is one of the three maritime provinces in Canada. It is the second most populated and smallest area in Canada. The province has a population of over nine hundred citizens with Halifax regional municipality with English as the province official language. Nova scotia has over ten tourist sites with over fifteen top-rated universities and colleges.


Newfoundland and Labrador are the youngest of all the provinces in Canada, it is located on the eastern coast of Canada. The province has over ten top-rated tourist attraction centers with over ten public universities and colleges. The province has a reputation for being the settlement of the Viking explorer.

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