Canada ETA

Canada ETA

Immigrants who are making plans of traveling to Canada for one reason or the other needs to get their visa or eTA ready in their hands to avoid embarrassment from immigration officers or lawyers in Canada. Getting a Canada eTA depends on the candidate country of residence. This is one of the factors affecting immigration policies when it has to do with visa application and work permit. Globally, there are 54 countries that don’t need any type of visa to migrate to Canada. The major thing they need is an eTA for easy migration to Canada.

The United States citizen doesn’t need to apply for a visa or work permit before they can get entrance into Canada. It is important for any immigrants to have their required documents ready such as visas and passport. In Canada, there is what is known as Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This is the latest immigration document required in Canada. There’s no way you will be allowed to Canada without this document. Different travelers are getting the Electronic Travel Authorization for them to gain easy access to Canada.

What’s Canada’s eTA?

This is an immigration document that allows immigrants to migrate to Canada by plane and also work freely without being embarrassed inside the country. This has been termed as an entry requirement for the visa-exempt foreign immigrants traveling to Canada by aircraft. This has been made mandatory for immigrants to keep up with their possession before they can fly to Canada. This eTA has been linked to immigrants’ passports by using electronic means to do it. 

This Canada eTA can last up to 5 years depending on the validity of the immigrant’s passport. When once the passport gets expired, the immigrants can get a new passport and it is still going to be linked to the eTA electronically. This eTA can’t be used as an immigration document within Canada; it is only used when immigrants are traveling from their country of residence to Canada. It should be cleared that having an eTA doesn’t supersede the normal travel documents, because those documents will still be asked by the Canadian immigration officers.

Citizens who need eTA to travel to Canada

The following are citizens from other countries who require an eTA, and here they are:

  • Immigrants who want an eTA
  • Immigrants who may be qualified to apply for eTA
  • Immigrants disqualified to apply for eTA and require other identification
  • Immigrants who are free from the eTA requirement 
  1. Immigrants who want an eTA:

This type of immigrant is subdivided into two – visa-exempt foreign immigrants and legalized permanent United States residents. Immigrants from these two subdivisions have their differences and peculiarities attached to them. Visa-exempt foreign immigrants require an eTA if they are to enter this country using flight. You can make a research for these visa-exempt countries. On the other hand, for legal permanent U.S. citizens, they need this eTA and also a green card before entering Canada.

      1. Immigrants who may be qualified to apply for eTA:

These are immigrants from elected countries that require a visa might be qualified in order to get an eTA instead of obtaining a visa. These immigrants under this eTA category need to have a visitor visa if they are going to enter Canada through land or sea. There are only two types of citizens that can apply for this eTA in this category such as immigrant who has Canadian visitor visa for more than 10 years or is in possession of a valid U.S non-immigration visa.

      2. Immigrants disqualify to apply for eTA and require other identification:

Citizens of Canada and dual citizens require a Canadian passport that is still valid. For instance, a Canadian American can migrate with either the U.S. or Canadian passport as long as it is still valid. 

      3. Immigrants who are free from the eTA requirement:

The United States citizens are free from this eTA requirement and must have a valid means of identification to show they are permanent residents of the U.S, and one of the most important things immigrants from this country should have is their green card.    

Basic Requirements for Canada eTA

The following are requirements for the Canada eTA and the applicant:

  • Must have any plan of studying or working in Canada.
  • Must have the intention of traveling to his or her country of residence.
  • Must be healthy and free from any contagious diseases.
  • Must be at least 18years and above. 
  • Must have no criminal or criminal record.
  • Must have adequate funds to cover for his or her expenditure in Canada.
  • Must have a government-issued passport that is being valid.

Application Process for Canada eTA

The application process for Electronic Travel Authorization is simple for any immigrants to follow. Most applicants get approval within some minutes via a message being sent to their email address. In a situation, whereby, the applicants are needed to submit other documents, this could take up to several days. Therefore, an eTA is necessary to have before traveling to Canada by air, and here are the processes:

  • Get the necessary documents ready such as passport, and credit card.
  • File an online application.
  • Payment of eTA ($7 CAD).
  • Receive an instant message on your email address.

Important Details in Canada eTA Application Form

The following things should be included in the eTA:

  • The full name (surname, first name, and initial)
  • Passport number
  • Name of the country that issued the passport
  • The nationality on the passport
  • The date of birth 
  • The city of birth
  • Issue and expiration date of passport
  • The country

Some travel documents can’t be used in a country like Canada, and here they are:

  • Somalia passport
  • Czech non-machine readable passport
  • South African temporary passport
  • Venezuela provisional passport       


Canada’s eTA is essential for immigrants to have for them to travel by air to Canada. The process is not demanding or challenging. The crucial thing is to know the basic requirements and the application process to follow in order to apply for this electronic travel authorization.      

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