How to become a Canadian citizen?

Canadian citizen

Canada is a country filled with warm people. So, you are welcome to submit a Canadian citizenship application. However, flexible policies for citizenship are enough to support people who want to start a new life. But there are many tiny details that you need to know before applying for citizenship. So, here we are, explaining all the essential information.

Steps to file the Canada citizenship application:

There are the following simple yet essential steps that you have to take to apply for the Canada citizenship application.

Step # 01: Check your eligibility for Canada citizenship application:

Before applying for canadian citizenship, it’s vital to check whether you are eligible or not. At first, to become a Canadian citizen, you have to be in the country for at least 1095 days. Apart from this, you have to file for the income tax for at least three years within five years. Moreover, other things should be there.

  • You need to know the English or French language.
  • It is vital to have all essential detail about the pros and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.
  • You are eligible for the Canada citizenship application if you don’t have any criminal record.

So, if you meet all the above steps, it may take up to five years to get Canadian national status. However, the time starts when you sign the application.

Step # 02: Calculate how long you have been in Canada:

Now at the second step, you need to calculate how long you are living in Canada. So, you can adopt these ways to calculate the duration.

  • Use the online calculator.
  • Now take a print of your results and attach it with the application.

But it’s vital to calculate the right time. It will help if you crosscheck before submitting a Canada citizenship application.

Step # 03: Gather the documents:

Now at the next step, we head towards the submission of papers. There are the following documents that you require to submit.

  • The original print out of your physical presence in Canada
  • Photocopies of all valid and expired traveling documents in the last five years
  • You can explain if the documents are missing.
  • Photocopies of personal testimony, such as driving license, health care, etc
  • Moreover, you need to submit your English/French proof if you are between 18-54 years.

In addition to this, you need two citizenship photos with the receipt of $630 as an application fee.

Step # 04: Complete the Canada citizenship application form:

Now go to the main website and download the Canada citizenship application form. You can choose the language according to your ease. Moreover, check the box if you have any special needs that require accommodation. Now fill out some other sections like:

  • Did you apply for citizenship before?
  • Please state your name that matches with other official documents.
  • Write down your name, number, and other contact details.
  • Fulfill the language requirement by submitting a certificate

Now most importantly, complete the lawful detail and tell if you want to get temporary resident status. For instance, it may be a visitor, student, worker, or other permit holders.

Step # 05: Pay the fee

You can pay your fee online and attach the proof by scanning that document. If you are more than 18 years old, then the cost is $630 for each applicant. But the fee for minors is around $100 for one person.

Step # 06: Submit the Canada citizenship application

After meeting all the terms, now apply in front of officials. It will help if you put these things into an envelope before sending them.

  • A complete application forms
  • Attach all required documents
  • Should have a right fee

Remember, if you don’t meet any of the above requirements, your application will reject.

Few other steps to complete the process:

After applying for citizenship, follow here are a few more steps that need preparation. So, here are these:

  • Prepare for the test.
  • Go to your interview.
  • Wait for the decision.
  • And go to the custom to take the oath.

Now officially, you are a Canadian citizen; A citizen who has all rights to enjoy the state’s benefits and chances. But don’t forget to fulfill your duties.

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