How To Move to Canada the Right Way: A Complete Guide

How To Move to Canada the Right Way

Canada will welcome more than 1.3 million immigrants in the coming years. By far, one of the most sought-after destinations for immigrants is Canada. Only in 2021, the Immigration Office reported that 405000 permanent residents arrived in Canada, and 560,000 people converted from temporary status to permanent residency.

Living in Canada is the dream of many. Indeed, Canada is the best place to live, but it is essential to move to Canada the right way. The process of relocating to Canada is not that simple. With so many requests for immigration, Canada has established a few routes to make the process easier to handle.

Select a suitable immigration pathway:

Canada has multiple immigration programs.

A few of them are:

Start-up Visa:

It would be great if you had a viable business plan and a letter of support from a recognized organization to qualify for the start-up visa. For this visa, it is essential to clear the IELTS or any other language assessment test. Moreover, your business shall be at a stage to expand internationally.

Self-Employment Visa:

You shall present proof to the Canadian immigration authorities that you can work legally in Canada and have relevant experience in athletics or the arts.

Express Entry Program:

The Express Entry Program is the most preferred way to get permanent residency in Canada. To get into this program, you must be a very skilled person, nevertheless. Your score on the pathway will depend on your experience, credentials, education, and skills.

Most people enter Canada and apply for permanent residency through the Express entry program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

It is one of the express entry program’s streams. Having at least ten years of work experience in managerial, professional, technical, and skilled trades jobs is a prerequisite for living in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trade Programs:

You can apply for this program, if you have two years of work experience in a skilled trade during the last five years. It would help if you scored a reasonable band on IELTS.

Provincial Nominee Program:

You can also get Canadian immigration if a Canadian province nominates you and after you qualify the standards to participate in this program. Remember that each province focuses on a different group of individuals, such as students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and semi-skilled workers.

Quebec Selected Skilled Workers:

People who desire to live in Quebec should apply for this immigration scheme. You must apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate from the Government of Quebec and adhere to their requirements to obtain this authorization.

Atlantic Immigration Program:

Those who plan to live in Canada can relocate to Atlantic Canada through this immigration program. The provinces included are Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Brunswick, Labrador, and Newfoundland.

A few unique work visa schemes can expedite the permit application process. For instance, the International Mobility Program permits hiring temporary workers without requiring extensive documentation when Canada benefits from the situation from an economic, cultural, or another competitive standpoint.

Follow these basic rules in any plan:

  • Once the permit expires, make sure you leave the country.
  • When moving to Canada, you shall give proof that you can bear the costs of living.
  • Sustain a clean criminal record.
  • Work only with eligible employers.
  • Stay in contact with your visa officer.

Apply for the permit:

You can start the Canadian visa application procedure after you select the suitable immigration plan you need. To know if you qualify for the visa, you must first register for an account on Canada’s immigration website and then respond to a few questions. To obtain instructions for your particular visa type, you shall provide the required papers and email address if you qualify. You are given a reference code. You’ll need the reference number for the rest of your application, so make a note of it.

You can submit the Canada visa application in two ways:

You can submit it online: for submitting the Canada visa application online, you will make a Government of Canada login (GCKey) account.

You can submit it in person: in person, you can submit the Canada visa application to the local Canadian representative office in your country of residence.

Be prepared to pay the visa application fee. Remember that the costs vary based on the type of visa you are applying for, and you could also have to pay extra for services like translation and courier.

Other ways to move to Canada:

You can also move to Canada for family or study purposes:

Immigration pathway for family reunification:

If you have a spouse, partner, parent, or grandparent living in Canada, you may apply for family reunification there. If necessary, other relatives may sponsor you.

Immigration pathway for study purposes:

It would be best if you got enrolled in an approved educational program to be eligible for a student visa in Canada. However, it is uncommon for student visas to change to work or resident permits. However, you can apply for a graduate work permit once you are done with your studies:

Apply for a visa:

Checking whether you require an entry visa is essential in preparing to move to Canada. A Canada visa application is not required for some specific groups of persons who can enter with just an electronic permit.

Move to Canada:

When your application is submitted, it will take 6 to 18 months for approval. Once approved, you will receive an email with confirmation of permanent residence and a permanent residence visa.

Canada’s immigration service is present throughout to help you settle in Canada successfully.

Money that you need to move to Canada:

It costs CAD 2,300 for a single person to immigrate to Canada and CAD 4,500 for a couple. This figure excludes the settlement monies that many applicants must demonstrate to qualify for Canadian immigration; the amount differs depending on the size of the family and starts at about $13,000 CAD for a single applicant. There can be extra charges if a candidate applies through a provincial program.

No proof of settlement funds is necessary for people with a Canadian work offer or applying under the Canadian Experience Class.

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