Immigrants are to apply for a Canadian visa if they want to move to Canada. This is the only way they will be permitted to enter this country. Getting these mandatory documents is important for immigrants to have. There are still some countries that don’t need to apply for a visa before entering Canada. Citizens from these countries who can gain entrance to Canada without any visa are enjoying other benefits attached to being a Canadian citizen.

Different types of visas go with different kinds of documents. For instance, someone who is going to Canada based on studying will have to submit a document different from someone who is going to Canada with the sole aim of working. The reason being the documents for studying will require the student to submit an admission letter from the institution, whereas, the documents for work with have to include working experience(s), not admission letter.

Necessary Documents for Canadian Visa

In any type of visa, immigrants want to apply for a Canadian visa, these documents that will be listed below are important to be in the possession of anyone who wants to migrate to Canada:

  • Canada visa application form
  • Passport
  • Statement of financial account
  • Medical examination
  • Evidence of Canada payment fee
  • Criminal records
  • Letter of invitation/support to Canada
  • Civil status or identity document
  • Passport photographs
  • The cover letter indicates the intention of moving to Canada

Preparing Documents for Canadian Visa

      1. The Application Form:

Individuals moving to Canada must begin with filling out the application online by going to the website (IRCC) to download the form. On this website, there is a part where immigrants can check the necessary documents they are going to use during the Canadian visa application. The documents have to be submitted for the application to be processed. The document needed in a country might be different from the other country. 

      2. Passport:

The passport to be used for this visa application must be a valid one before the immigrants can make use of it. Any individual whose passport has expired, the application form won’t be treated or attend to. This passport can be gotten from the applicant’s country of residence.

      3. Statement of Financial Account:

It is important to provide information showing you are buoyant enough to take care of yourself, and also anyone who is willing to travel with you to Canada. In order to show a financial account, this is done in the following ways such as bank statement, proof of income from Canadian family relative or host, employment earnings indicating yearly earnings, etc.

      4. Medical Examination:

The immigrant has to be sound mentally and otherwise before thinking of going to Canada because this medical examination will be submitted to the Canadian embassy for the visa processing. The result of this medical examination has to be filed along with the application form. It is important to note it is only panel physicians on the website that can carry out a medical checkup on immigrants.

      5. Evidence of Canada Payment of Fee:

Here, there are people who want to enter Canada through illegal means without even thinking of the punishment or consequences attach to it. Therefore, it is required those candidates have something like a receipt to tender in front of the Canadian Consular to serve as evidence they have made payment for their fee. This fee is divided into two – application fee and biometrics fee.

      6. Criminal Record:

There is no country that will find joy in giving a visa to any convicted immigrant who has committed diverse crimes in his or her country of residence. This is the reason they need to see your criminal records for them to be certain you are not going to be a nuisance in Canada. People with bad criminal records in their country find it difficult for their visa to be processed.

      7. Letter of invitation/support to Canada:

This letter helps to sort issues relating to an immigrant who wants to travel to Canada but has no money to support himself or herself. Therefore, in a situation like this, the applicant will have to get a letter to show there is someone who is available to sponsor, support or invite them to come over to Canada. In most cases, these people are responsible for paying their flight tickets, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

This letter must have information about the sponsor and the invitee. The information of the sponsor (writer) must include:

  • The full name
  • The date of birth
  • The Canadian residential address with the phone number
  • The Canadian residence status together with a document as evidence.
  • Their Canadian job title
  • Family details such as parents, spouse, relatives, etc.

Basic information of the invitee that must be included:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of residence address and phone number
  • A personal relationship with the sponsor
  • Duration of your stay in Canada, place of accommodation, and time of leaving Canada.
  • Your financial plan in Canada 

      1. Civil Status or Identity Document:

Immigrants have to attach any documents they possess from their country of residence to the visa application form. Some of these civil status or identity documents are marriage certificates, birth certificates, National identity cards, etc. For the document to be used, immigrants must consult the Canadian embassy in their country of residence.

      2. Passport Photographs:

The passport photographs to be submitted must be in line with the size and color that is being required by the Canadian embassy. There are some embassies that may require a red background, while some may demand a white background. If you are confused about the background color of the passport, the embassy is always there to guide you all through the application process.                            

      3. Cover Letter:

This letter helps to reveal the intention of the immigrants to Canada. It must include a list of documents and the travel itinerary. The purpose of the travel itinerary is for the embassy to be aware of all your travel movement from one province to another Canada. 


In this article, all these documents are of necessity for anyone who wants to find their feet in Canada. It is like a soldier who wants to go war without preparing for himself ammunition. Therefore, documents are like immigrants’ weapon to counter all the questions he or she will be asked at the embassy.                                   

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