Types of Canadian Visas and Application

Types of Canadian Visas and Application

Canada is a country found in Northern America, and it is the second-largest country in the world by surface. The country is having economic growth, despite the fact they have a small population. They practice a democratic type of government and have a similar type of government administration compared with the British government. Two languages in this country are widely spoken in every territory and province – English and French language. In terms of business, they are known for exporting agricultural produce, energy, and minerals.

Why is Canada Visa Important?

There’s no way you will want to go to Canada without applying for a Canadian visa through the Canadian embassy in your country of residence. If it is for business, conference, investment, vacation, the traveler still need the right visa to migrate to Canada. Although there are some countries whose citizens don’t require a visa to gain entrance into Canada, the only thing they need to get is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) when they arrive there. Therefore, as long you are not a Canadian citizen, or you have not resided in this country permanently, you will be asked to get a Canadian visa.        

Types of Canadian visas

This country is known as the land of abundant opportunities, and it is also a country for people who want to become permanent residence together with their families. This country has been known to always accommodate strangers or foreign expatriates from other countries. This is one of the factors influencing the rate of foreigners migrating to this country to settle down. It is important to know the various types of Canadian visas available. 

  1. Temporary Canadian visas
  2. Permanent Canadian visas
  3. Temporary Canadian visas:

These are types of visas issued for those who want to stay in Canada for a shorter period, and the time is usually 6 months or less. For people who want this kind of visa, they have different purposes for going there such as visit, business, tourism, etc. This temporary visa can’t be used to apply for citizenship in Canada, because the individual can only stay for the purpose he or she applied for. For you to carry out other activities in Canada, it must be clearly stated in the visa application form. The following are the types of Canadian visas that are temporary:

  • Visitor visa:

This type of temporary visa allows one to travel to Canada for tourism and also for visiting people such as parents, family, etc. This visa gives an individual the right to move freely during the period he or she has applied for this visitor visa in Canada.

  • Super Visa:

This visa is being given to parents or grandparents of permanent residence in Canada. This visa comes with a longer period, and it is usually two years. After this period has expired, they can travel out of the country.

  • Official and Diplomatic Visa:

This is one of the types of temporary visas issued out to government or diplomatic officers to Canada in order to carry out an official assignment, duties, or responsibilities. For instance, the prime minister of France can be given this visa based on an official assignment.

  • Courtesy Visa:

This visa is for those who are one way influential in a country. They might not be in government or have any form of power, but they have some level of rank in their country. As a result of this, they can be given this courtesy visa by the Canadian embassy.

  • Facilitation visa:

This visa is issued out to individuals who are citizens of Canada with dual nationalities, but due to one problem or the other, they don’t have a Canadian passport. The consulate can help them by issuing this visa in the passport of the other nationalities they have in their possession.

  • Business Delegation Visa:

This visa is granted to those who are going to Canada for the sole aim of having business with other partners. Apart from business, it can also be for other purposes such as an event, conferences, trade shows, and attending meetings.  

  • Delivery Visa:

This visa is delivered to pregnant ladies or women who want to deliver or give birth. The visa allows the mother to travel to Canada and give birth to her child without any hindrances. When she delivers her child, the child becomes a Canadian citizen by birth automatically.

  • Organ Donating Visa:

If you want to donate any parts of your body organ to someone who needs an organ transplant in Canada, this visa will be issued out to you. The essence of the visa is to grant you the privilege to travel to Canada for you to donate the organ to the sick person.

  • Dual Intent Visa:

This visa is for people who want to enroll in any of the institutions in Canada for a temporary purpose, but also have the intention of residing in Canada permanently.

  1. Permanent Canadian visas:

These are visas issued to foreigners who want to reside in Canada for a very long time. This visa allows the candidate to become a permanent citizen of Canada. He or she can stay in this country for any number of years, and enjoy all the privileges Canadian citizens do enjoy from their government. There are various types of permanent Canadian citizens, and here they are:

  • Family Class Immigration:

This type of permanent residence is made possible when the candidate has any member of his or her family who resides in Canada. The person who stays in Canada can help the candidate to obtain a residence permit. Some of the immigrants who are Canadian citizens got their permanent residency through their family members.

  • Adoption of International Citizens:

For instance, a Canadian spouse who has been married for so many years with no child or children might decide to adopt any foreigner (child) as their own. There should be proof to show they are capable of taking care of the child or children such as financially, academically, emotionally, and socially.

  • Skilled Worker Class Immigration:

An individual who has an in-depth skill or being good at something can become a permanent citizen of Canada. The Canadian immigration lawyer or officers have to make sure the skill(s) the individual possesses, is adequate enough to become a Canadian citizen. These skills come in various forms such as education, language, adaptability, employment history, age, etc.

  • Immigrants Investor Program:

These are investors who have enough money to invest in Canada to bring immense benefits to the indigenes. There are fixed prices for this program, and the price is CAD$800,000. The immigrants need to invest a minimum amount of CAD$400,000. The Canadian government will give this immigrant his or her money in 5 years’ time. The only sad thing about it is the refund money doesn’t come with interest. 

  • Business Class Immigration:

This type of permanent residency has three different classes – investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons. Investors should show their level of experience in the business, entrepreneurs need to own a business and operate it, and the Self-employed should create job opportunities for the unemployed ones.    

  • Quebec-Selected Immigration:

This is an immigration program in Canada, in which candidates who can speak French and also have the requirements of becoming a Canadian citizen are liable to enroll for this immigration program. The fortunate ones are being picked based on an agreement between the Canadian government and the province of Quebec. 


In this article, we have been able to see the various types of Canadian visas under temporary and permanent ones. The basic thing is for the individual to have an ideal knowledge based on the type of visa in order to suit his or her purpose of moving to Canada.               


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